Tuesday, February 21, 2012


What & Why.
A blog to keep loved ones informed of the awesome, exciting, and occasionally boring things happening in our lives.  We always seem to be busy, and I take lots of photos, so this seemed like the perfect way to share.  I began by sending emails to about 50 friends and family members with updates about Trevor's deployment - those emails were well received so I thought I'd keep it up, just a little differently.  I'm looking forward to having this as a digital journal for ourselves, too. 

I will be writing about our family, which for now includes myself, my husband, and our yellow lab.  I work at a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide advocacy, support, and information to victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and child abuse.  It's difficult work at times, but is so rewarding at others that it's worth it.  I can say the same about my life as an Army Wife, and I would imagine my husband would say the same about his Army life.  He's a medic in the MN Army National Guard, currently serving on his third tour of duty.  We've been together since 2006 and married since 2009 and, cheesy as it sounds, couldn't be happier.  After this deployment, Trevor plans to get back into school so he can get moving on the journey to becoming a surgeon.  Our dog, Rowdy, is honestly the most perfect lab you'll find.  He's well behaved, loving, obedient, and fun.  I wanted a lab very badly, so I suggested to Trevor that we get a yellow lab and name him Rowdy, like from the TV show Scrubs, one of our favorite shows.  Click here for the background story on Rowdy from Scrubs.  He's been very good at keeping me company this past year!  We've even started walking inside on the treadmill together since it's been cold.  And I'm proud to say he only rarely sleeps with me, even with Trevor gone.

Palm Springs, CA - 2009.

Rowdy catching some rays.

Right here, of course.

Starting now.  I'll try not to bore all of you with posts, but like I said we seem to have enough going on to avoid boredom.  I'd like to think we're not too dull, hopefully you agree.

What Else.
My motivation to get this going was mostly to have an easy way for family to know what we're up to, so feel free to share this with others and by all means leave some comments :)  My birthday weekend is coming up, that's right-I get a whole weekend, so I'll probably have some blog-worthy things to say pretty soon.  For those of you not familiar with blogs, you can click "Follow by Email" (Follow by Email info) or "Join this Site" and you'll be updated when there's a new post.  There's also a link for RSS subscription if you use that.

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