Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2-135 Formal Dinner.

This will probably be a bit of a slacker post, but I'm obviously behind. Trevor's unit's formal dinner was weeks ago. It was great to see friends from the unit and deployment, both those who were deployed and those who stayed home. We got to celebrate a good friend's last drill weekend before getting out of the Guard. And, I'll admit, it was a little bittersweet for us both since Trevor will be transferring to a completely different unit come October. Like I've mentioned, these people (soldiers and their loved ones) have become like family. I know they're not actually going anywhere but it will still be different.

We got ready at the hotel, went to a restaurant for drinks, then headed to the dinner. We got a professional photo taken, ate and talked with lots of people and listened to a few speeches from the leadership. Then it was time for more socializing and eventually the scenic route walk to the Legion. We got a little mixed up and ended up walking much more than we needed to, which was even sillier since I could have just driven us the whole time. It was a great night with great people. We were all exhausted, some hung over, for our second day of reintegration workshops the next day!

Here are a few photos from the evening. I'll add more when I get them from friends. My prego brain forgot to put the memory card in the camera.

 Cory's last drill.  At least it was a good way to go out!

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