Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Weekend.

Quick post tonight from the Blogger app (which I hate) so hopefully it turns out okay. The photos usually post out of order, my apologies. We had a busy, but awesome Easter weekend!

Friday night my dad stopped by to visit and Trevor all but finished up the basement!! There is just some touch up paint to do...and some putzy stuff tht can wait but the project itself is done! Just in time for it to be changed from a man cave to a better office, or study as Trevor has started calling it.

Saturday we packed up the whole family and most of our house, plus some borrowed tools (for the basement) and headed to Trevor's mom and dad's. We unloaded and left right away to go visit his grandma and aunt who hadn't met Myra yet. It was great to see them!

Right after that visit we went straight to New Prague to visit with some good friends and meet their newest addition who was born on my birthday. It was a big giant kid festival! Nick was the one who let us borrow his tools so the dudes unpacked all that stuff, too.

Then it was back to Jeff and Christy's to get settled, play with Rowdy a bit and get ready for our first night out together since Myra arrived! Rhya watched her while Jeff and Christy were at church then they took over. Not much to do that time of night since she just slept, but we surely appreciated it anyway! We went out for a friend's birthday party, to the Le Center American Legion of all places, and had a great time!

We were up bright and early with Myra Easter morning. Once she went back down for a nap we got to helping with Easter baskets, food prep and then getting ourselves ready. Everyone started showing up, we hung out, talked, got Rowdy some good exercise, ate, squeezed in a quick photo of all the grandkids (I think my niece only agreed because we said we wouldn't post the photo on Facebook so I'll be nice and not post it here either, even though everyone looks great!). We loaded all our stuff up and headed home. Holy cow what a weekend! It was exhausting to say the least but we saw lots of awesome people and had tons of fun!

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