Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Break from Cloth Diapers.

(Disclaimer: I/we impose no judgement on others based on how you catch your kiddo's bowel movements. This post is about our kid and our preferences, nothing more!)

There is no such thing as a "break from cloth diapers." Myra had a yeast infection (happens to lots of babies, yeast/bacteria balance on skin gets a tad out of whack and off you go...) so we had to bleach her cloth diapers and treat her with a topical ointment for a week. Rather than bleaching the cloth at every wash dying treatment, we just switched to disposables for a week. Most people think the "break" from that laundry would be nice. Honestly, I didn't even notice the lack of laundry. Cloth diaper laundry is easy. There's no folding, hardly any "putting away;" it's just easy. I cringed paying for disposable diapers. They smell funny. They smell even worse after Myra pees in them. She had three blow outs in one week. She had one tiny blow out once in cloth and I think that was because she just happened to be propped up on someone's knee at the time. Three big ones in one week! She messed with the diapers-I'm sure she didn't like the feel of them as much. I know I hate wearing pads and those don't even cover my whole butt! And so.much.garbage. We started cloth diapering to save money, mostly, but holy cow the waste! I think Trevor is more excited to get back into cloth than I am! Basically, the break from cloth is hardly a break.

Also, in Myra's 5 month update I mentioned the yeast...we took her in to the doctor and he confirmed the yeast and also diagnosed her with chicken pox!  They are clearing up nicely and she's been a real trooper. She had red dots that were spreading but neither of us thought of chicken pox. We thought it was from the yeast, then thought maybe spider bites, heat rash, even checked Rowdy for fleas! 

That is all. Cloth diapers again tomorrow, woo hoo!!

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