Thursday, August 29, 2013

7 months old.

Myra hit 7 months last week. She's growing so fast and her own personality is showing more and more. We lucked out with such a happy baby!!  

She's sitting completely unassisted, getting up on all 4's and rocking (crawling soon??), babbling lots (and doing a face her dad used to do, "possessed" - last photo of this post), and smiling all the time. We started her on solid foods a la baby led weaning a couple weeks ago and so far she's had carrots (steamed), bananas, avocado, toast, cucumber, kiwi, mango, mandarin oranges... I think that's it. Cucumbers are her favorite and carrots are a close second. Avocado was a big hit but anything mushy sticks to her and makes her eczema flare up, poor girl. 

Myra had been sleeping through the night (11-12 hours straight, no wake ups) for about 6 weeks, maybe even longer, but has recently been waking up once or twice to nurse (I assume). She goes right back to sleep and naps well (unless interrupted by poop...) so we're just going with it. 

Myra and Rowdy are becoming good buds! She reaches for him to pet/scratch him whenever she can, sneaks him her carrots and tries to steal (and gnaw on) his toys. Rowdy parks it right by Myra quite a bit. I'm sure once she can crawl, and especially walk, they'll be even better friends.

No teeth yet! I keep checking, but still nothing. We're still doing great with breastfeeding and I see no reason we won't make it to at least a year. It wasn't easy at first, but I'm glad I was so stubborn.  We've found a love for babywearing which allows me (or Trevor) to snuggle Myra while walking Rowdy, cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but I think I but all the big milestones. Here are some photos:

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