Saturday, May 3, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

Random post since I've failed to post about our Spring so far...

Bike rides (rare...snow photos to follow)

Wagon rides and crazy faces
Swimming lessons

 Hanging out with friends (who traveled across the country to visit!)
Target practice

Checking out Papa's farm

Fun around the house on cold rainy/snowy days
Mike and Kyra's wedding (first of MANY this year!)

Studying after Myra's first dental checkup (officially)
Follow up ophthalmology appointment.  All is well, optic nerve looks good and no need for glasses yet (there was a possibility). Dilated toddlers are silly.

Sun protection - we'll need it some day!
 Walks when we can

ECFE's Family Festival (these pictures don't do it justice - awesome event!)

Two play dates with friends from our very first ECFE class (and Grandpa!)


Clearly I need to post more often.  I didn't realize how busy we have been!

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