Saturday, May 23, 2015

Slumber Party of Five.

Well, we did it.  Our first full family overnight away from home.  I suppose we kind of cheated (and it was more like a Slumber Party of Four) because we brought Rowdy to his favorite place ever, doggie daycare, buuuuuuut we still had to get everyone ready and out of the house, so we'll count it.  Besides the pack and play Angie brought, we brought food (for us and Myra), another pack and play, blanket, pillow, sound machine, baby monitor, diaper bag, diapers (cloth takes up more space), travel high chair, clothes/PJs, frozen breast milk+bottle, my pump, random overnight stuff (toothbrushes, face wash), beer, and of course the kids+car seats.

Last weekend we packed up and headed to our friend Dan's house.  Dan is actually my best friend's brother.  He and his roommate let us all move in for the night and the dudes held down the fort with the kiddos while Angie and I rocked out to Billy Joel at the Target Center.  It was SUCH a good concert.  Besides the surprise opening act of Gavin DeGraw, Billy Joel sounded awesome and he.was.hilarious.  Very entertaining, great music, played everything we hoped to hear, and a much needed night out with my pal.  Sorry for the junky concert photos, I'm too lazy to upload the actual videos.  Maybe someday when I'm bored (HA!).

From what I hear, bedtime could have been better (there was a barking dog/baby waking incident and Myra has been very independent with bedtime especially "Myra to do it!") but really the night went very well.  We all slept in one room which was confirmation that we should not be doing such a thing.  We have never bed shared with either kid and Myra has never even slept in our room.  Neither of us is a huge fan of having Niko in our room, but it makes the most sense for right now.  So, having all of us in one room is definitely new.  Luckily, we had a pack and play for each kid and spread them apart as much as possible.  Niko slept well, woke up to nurse twice but let us sleep in until after 8 (close to 9??).  Myra did fine, too, except when she did her usual tossing and turning at night (typically no big deal and she falls right back asleep on her own), she realized we were in the room and wanted to chit chat.  "Hi Mommy!  It's Niko!"

And, for funzies, some random photos from the last week:

Grandma brought this for the day and Myra LOVED it

Helping Daddy clean up the sand box

Our first semi-short-notice house showing and it's nap time? No problem

Warrior's Pride wrap (red, white, and blue + yellow for support our troops and teal for PTSD awareness)

Doing tummy time with her baby

Babywearing isn't just for babies, hard to see the black wrap on black shirt

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