Sunday, September 13, 2015

Niko at Seven Months.

What a treat for you all, two monthly blog posts for Niko in a row ;)

Getting these photos is starting to become impossible.  Outtakes below...
Niko hit seven months on Friday (9/11).  I don't have the patience to attempt to get his length on my own at home, but he's somewhere between 20 and 20.5 pounds.  He loves to smile, is getting on all fours and rocking, and so-close-but-not-quite-there to sitting up on his own.  Nothing has changed as far as he and Myra adoring each other.  I asked a friend when that might change, she said "when he starts taking her stuff," and that sounds pretty accurate.  The sibling stuff is new territory for me, just kinda wingin it.  I'm glad to have plenty of daycare/nanny experience under my belt.

We started some solids with him about a week ago.  We're starting slow, one food at a time with breaks just like we do for Myra.  We don't suspect he has FPIES, but we'll continue playing it safe until we can work our way to the top FPIES offenders.  If he does fine with those, we'll relax a lot more.  For now, we are only giving him foods she can have because feeding babies is even messier than feeding toddlers and we don't want to have to worry about her getting sick from eating his messes.  So far he has had squash and peaches, both in puree and solid (baby led weaning) form.  He approves.  Steamed sqaush seems to be his favorite.  

Niko is still waking up two times most nights, but I usually stay up until the first time (10:30ish) so he's only waking me up once and I'm generally not too tired.  He is forgiven.  He's pretty good about napping on the go if we have stuff to do in the morning.  With both kids, we keep the afternoon nap and bedtime pretty sacred.  Everyone is happier if we respect their sleep times, and we try not to mess with something if it's working!

I don't even know what else to write.  Niko is such a fun, happy, easy to please baby.  Last night we kept him out past bedtime for Trevor's unit picnic and we heard the most pitiful, hilarious cry in the car on the way home.  Neither of us could really remember the last time we had heard that.  Rather than figuring out what else to say, here are some more recent photos.

Thank goodness we have dentists in the family, poor kid is clueless

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