Friday, January 22, 2016

Birthday Interview: Myra, Age 3.

I have copies of "Your Birthday Book" for both kids, a fun way to document the kids at each age, birthdays, and birthday parties.  I wasn't completely impressed with the interview for this age, so I found another sheet to start doing, too.

Your Birthday Book Interview:
Conducted by: Mommy
I met with Myra on January 22, 2016 at our favorite spot (not really, but it's what the book says), the dining room table.  My subject was dashing in a blue hooded sweatshirt and jeans and appeared quite interested (aka all up in my business) throughout the interview.  We spoke on the record for about 15 minutes.

What were some of your favorite birthday gifts this year? (I will add to this later, she had only gotten one thing so far at the time)

Tell me what you think of when I say these words:
Home: "Good," Favorite color: "Um, purple," Brother/sister: "Niko's very twenty....nine," Love: "A heart."

What's the last thing you were sad about? "S for sad.  Can you sign 'ssss-ah-duh'? Is on your face (as in, the sign for sad uses your face)"

What makes you really, really happy? "H for happy and highlighter." I clarified the question, "Playing.  I'll go play; that makes me happy."

Are you scared of anything? "Um, yah. The triangle hat." (No idea what she meant there, she's been dying to wear her triangle hat for weeks)

What do you think you'd like to be when you grow up? "A dentist"

Who's the last person you kissed? "You.  And Daddy."

Birthday Interview print out:
I am this old: "Three!"
The best show on TV is: "Daniel Tiger"
My favorite thing about school is: "Playing"
The thing I'm best at is: "Home"
If I could change my name it would be: "M-y-r-a"
My favorite color is: "Purple"
My favorite toy is: "Go Gopher. And kaleidoscope."
When I grow up I want to be: "A dentist!"
I like to take these to bed with me at night: "My Baby"
My favorite book is: "And I Love You"
My favorite movie is: "Daniel Tiger. And books." (Movies and shows are both called movies here)
My favorite season of the year is: [silence as she flipped through her And I Love You book]
A food I really like is: "A cake. Pizza."
My favorite animal is: "Elephant"
My favorite sport is: "Soccer ball just like Afton does," (My 15-year-old cousin)
My best friend is: "You." (My job here is done. JK)
My favorite holiday is: [still distracted by the book]
My favorite thing I did this year: "At the clinic.  Twirling.  Very working hard." (We went to the clinic this morning, so that was a fresh, fun memory.  And twirling in dresses has become a new hobby.  I think she was working very hard at the moment with her book.  This was a lot of questions at once and she was over it, more interested in playing, as she should be.

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