Monday, September 3, 2012

19 weeks

This was a big week for us! I'm a couple days late in posting but Trevor's been pretty busy on the computer and I keep forgetting to take the weekly photo.

Let's see...feeling really good! The throat mucous is still there but not as bad. I get winded and back pain fairly quickly these days. I'm still feeling kicks, actually saw one today. My appetite is improving. According to my records I'm up about 8 pounds right now which is okay but I've got some room to gain. We've made some progress in cleaning out baby's room and Trevor started putting together the dresser tonight. I'm back to walking regularly which feels great. I tried to walk at least a couple times a week when I was feeling crappy but now it's much easier.

And for the excitement of the week...we had the big ultrasound Friday. We weren't planning on funding out the sex, but Trevor changed his mind and I figured he could win this one. He said knowing the sex would help him picture/plan for baby better; he wanted to know if this is his son or daughter. Coming from my very medical and scientific husband who has always just used the word "fetus" until now, I couldn't say no. We didn't actually get confirmation at the ultrasound that everything is okay, the techs can't really tell you that, but it was pretty cool to see baby in there! Trevor got to see it all, she only turned the screen for me every so often. Side note: my instructions were to arrive with a very full bladder. I had to pee so badly I peed half an hour before my appointment and slammed more water to fill it back up. When they called my name and asked how I was doing I said, "good but I really have to pee!" Then she told me I didn't need a full bladder and the clinic should have known that, so I got to use the bathroom, phew! Baby was moving all over during the ultrasound so it took a little effort to get all the shots she needed. She told us she would tell us the sex as soon as she could tell but baby wasn't making it easy. She even showed us the 3D image - wasn't expecting that. Honestly I think it's a bit weird, but it was kind of cool to see a real face...and a cute little Gibbs nose (I was hoping for that). Anyway, the photos below are the 3D image, a thumb sucking shot, and, for those of you who are familiar, the "three lines" money shot showing IT'S A GIRL!

After the appointment we almost forgot we planned to do our registry, so we headed to Target. I had done some research online, talked to friends and come up with a pretty good list of what we needed. Luckily we've been blessed with some wonderful friends and family who have gotten us some things already, and some friends who have been thrilled to get rid of no longer needed baby items. Even having a lot of stuff already and a list and lots of experience with babies, registering was a bit of a headache. I know how easy it can be to go overboard with cute baby things or stuff you think you'll need but actually never use. Plus I'm not very girly, thus, so far baby girl is getting lots of gender neutral type things. Which is fine anyway because someday there will be a Baby Gibbs #2.

I think that covers the highlights of the week! That and I'm on my phone and sick of typing this out, time to relax!

[Edit: Baby Gibbs is now 1 and still a thumb sucker.  Cute how we can get to know them before they're even born!]


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