Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catch Up.

There's no way I'll actually go back in time to give any of these things an individual post, so here's what we've been up to for the past month!

A week after we got back from Maui I had my Scentsy launch party.  I've always loved candles, but don't love the fire hazard or soot/residue they leave.  About a year ago I got started with some Scentsy products and fell in love.  They're ceramic warmers with a lightbulb inside and a special wax that melts at the temperature of the light bulb.  No more fire hazard.  The wax is also different so there's no soot/reside either.  Perfect!  They have all kinds of other fun stuff, too, like body sprays, room sprays, stuff for your car, stuffed animals with scent pouches in them, laundry stuff, bath/shower stuff, etc.  Despite the fact that I never ever thought I would be one to sell stuff, I couldn't help myself.  These products sell themselves and I have fun sharing that with people.  Bonus: it really seems to be cheaper than buying candles.

Labor Day weekend was our big 19 week ultrasound and found out we're having a girl!  I know, we said we weren't going to find out, and we weren't, but Trevor changed his mind then convinced me.  As much as I'm a planner, I was totally fine not knowing.  The final conclusion was that I get more attention, a baby belly, a shower and I'll be the one giving birth and primary feeder, so for Trevor to be able to picture his son/daughter made sense.  We registered at Target and Baby Girl is registered for 2 pink things, everything else is neutral, blue, or green.  I'm sure we'll get plenty of girly stuff along the way, we just both had a hard time requesting it.  It'll grow on us.  We're both thrilled about the sex (probably would have been either way), just not used to girly stuff!  The next day I went with my dad to visit my cousin, Alex, who was home on leave.  He's in the Marines and stationed in New York, so it was nice to see him and other family.  Trevor was stuck at home with a ton of homework. 

The following weekend I went to visit Angie and Collin.  I went to her softball game, had lunch with Felicia and Georgia, and made homemade pizza with Angie and Collin.  We stopped by to visit her parents which is always nice, too.  That Sunday Taryn and Cassie came to visit.  Taryn and her dad brewed Trevor a special welcome home beer, so she dropped that off for him.  She even left me with some delicious Tastefully Simple cocoa that I now love.  Oh, and a Vote No sign, too!  After their visit, I went to see Kelli and Jenna's house and went for a walk with Kelli.  Trevor was busy at his final 2-135 drill.  Starting in October he'll be drilling with a new unit.  This last drill was the final wrap up of the deployment and now anyone who's transferring will go to their new units.  Otherwise, the forward (those who deployed) and rear (those who didn't) will be mixed back together as one.  I'm excited for the new opportunities ahead for Trevor, but it's a little strange to no longer be a part of 2-135!

Last week I attended the United Way of Steele County kick-off event in Medford for work.  Some of our funding comes from United Way, so we participate in their community events.  Each agency had a table with games and prizes for kids, we got free pizza and had a short presentation from United Way.

And, finally, last weekend we went to a housewarming party for our good friends Cory and Ashley.  Cory deployed with Trevor when he went to Kosovo, met Ashley when he got back, and got married last September.  They just bought a house this summer, so it was nice to see their new place.  When they went on their honeymoon, I watched their dog Rachael so she and Rowdy are good buds.  We brought Rowdy with and those two ran and ran all over the yard. 

There, all caught up.  Trevor needs lots of computer time to get his homework done (not kidding, every day), but I'll be doing my best to sneak in when I can!


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