Friday, March 7, 2014

FPIES: Mashed Potatoes Recipe.

Although Myra's diet is very limited due to her FPIES, we are able to make her a variety of foods using substitutions with her safe foods.  I have literally slaved over a hot stove tweaking mashed potato recipes and this is the one that works best for us.  As Myra gains more safe foods, we can add them to this recipe (herbs, spinach, etc.) to change the flavor.  This basic recipe is using only potato, coconut, and salt.

6 medium potatoes (I use Yukon Gold because of the natural buttery flavor.  They are often a bit smaller than other potatoes, so I usually use 7 or 8)
2/3 cup light coconut milk (Trader Joe's canned, only ingredients are coconut and water)
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted (or  sometimes 1/3 cup coconut oil)
1/2 tsp salt

Cut potatoes into fourths or sixths, place into pot of water and boil for 20-25 minutes until soft.  Drain and place into a bowl with the other ingredients.  Beat with remaining ingredients until potatoes reach desired consistency.  I leave skins on the potatoes.  If using for potato bites (recipe to follow), smoother consistency may work better.  If using as mashed potatoes alone, a variety of smooth and lumpy potatoes can be good for texture variety.  Feel free to remove some when they are fairly lumpy then continue to beat what remains for a variety.  These freeze well.  I make this large batch and freeze into smaller containers.  I also use this to make Myra's Potato Bites.

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