Friday, March 28, 2014

Children's Museum Fun.

Today we went to the Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota with Mari and her girls.  Until last weekend, I didn't know Mankato had one. 

It was easy to find with free and easy parking-my kind of venue.  Myra had fun exploring and the big girls loved showing her all the cool stuff the museum had to offer.

A cool treehouse thing with a ramp and rock climbing wall to get into it.  Once up, there is a pulley system basket...
...a bridge...
plus two rooms, and stairs down to...
a fun tunnel system.
Foam blocks!
There is a basement with more fun.
A water play room
Some pretend areas like a quarry, a grocery store, a pizza place, and...
a veterinary clinic.
Oh, and a dress up area with a stage!
(Yes, Angie, I'm wearing a tutu.)
You have to bring your own cute babies, though.
Only $6 to get in (phew! Myra had just enough money...didn't actually plan that for this photo, but sweet.)
There is more not pictured, plus they're working on a very cool new site!  Myra is worn out and fast asleep now.

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