Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello, Third Trimester.

Poor second baby hardly gets any blog posts.  Baby 2: consider that a good thing--no major drama to report since first trimester-ish (first 16 weeks...) crumminess.

Never ever say this to a pregnant lady, but yes, we are allowed to say it ourselves.  This has gone by very quickly!  I may retract that statement once 2015 comes.  Also, being pregnant with number 2 has been a very different experience for me.  Myra is, for the most part, very easy and fun, but she still keeps me busy enough to be distracted from pregnancy plenty.  One day I offered Trevor a beer with the intention of getting one for myself, too.  He said, "yeah, but I can get it."  Oh, duh, I can't have one.  Preggo brain is a real thing.

Anyway, nothing too exciting to report.  I'm bigger than I was at this point with Myra, but not outrageously gigantic or anything.  It is getting tricky to put  my socks on and I have to literally roll out of bed, but I'm doing okay.  I started out this pregnancy at about 125-128ish pounds and last week I was 155; my doctor assures me my weight gain is perfectly fine.  I believe her, but the most I ever weighed with Myra was 161 (then lost 3 pounds, weighed 158 the day I went into labor) and my pre-pregnancy weight was the same for both.  Oh well, it's not bad, just different, and the second kid will do that to a mama.  I finally dug out all my maternity clothes and put away stuff that just isn't going to fit for a while.

My 20 week anatomy scan (in September) went well, everything looked great, but I did have a small placental lake, so my doctor wanted to do a follow up scan.  These are the random things that can happen in pregnancy no one hears about/talks about until it happens to you, like Myra's choroid plexus cysts (that were just fine, too).  Anyway, a placental lake is a pool of maternal blood in the placenta.  They are very common and hardly ever affect the baby.  The ultrasound techs here don't even mention them; some doctors do, some don't.  Baby's growth looked great at my follow up last week.  They average measurements of the head, stomach, and femur and this baby's average was three days ahead of my dates (56 percentile), so perfectly normal.  Just to be sure, I will have monthly growth scans from now on.  So much for it being too late to find out baby's sex!  While it is tempting, we still won't find out until this baby is born.  Though as much as I hate searching for baby names, it would be helpful to narrow it down!

There's the long version of "all is well in babyland."


  1. Okay, you look waaaay too cute in that photo (helps to have a Myra accessory too, I suppose). I love that the sex will be a surprise :)

    1. haha thank you! :) I have a whole slew of photobombed photos like this. Myra is quite the helper!


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