Friday, November 2, 2012

28 weeks

Ok now we're definitely in the third trimester! And we made it to viability time-if baby girl were born now she'd have a good chance of survival (with medical assistance, of course). I'll drink to that! Oh wait...

No new symptoms really. I've felt round ligament pain a few times when going to the bathroom, but felt it for the first time while turning to look while parking my car last week. I'm starting to feel more fatigue again, but not too bad yet. I still have mucous in my throat-I'm guessing that won't go away anytime soon.

As most of you know, I'm not good at asking for (or even accepting) all...not even a little bit. Tonight I asked Trevor to get something off a shelf for me-stretching/reaching up is getting a little tricky. This was a big deal!

I'm officially into my all-maternity clothes wardrobe. I wonder what it will be like to zip my pants again someday...

This weeks picture was taken after a big supper, so I'm about as stretched as I get. I forgot to weigh myself today, but we have a double appointment on Monday so we'll see then. Ultrasound (to check on those Choroid Plexus cysts the radiologist called "likely insignificant") then a regular appointment with my glucose test/gestational diabetes screen. Oh, and my blood pressure has been good all along, too. I generally have very good blood pressure. The Red Cross people always ask if I'm an athlete when I donate blood-ha!

Baby shower #1 is Sunday, looking forward to seeing lots of my pals!

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