Monday, October 19, 2015

Niko At 8 Months.

Gone are the days of baby not realizing there's a giant sticker on his shirt.
Niko hit 8 months on October 11, so all of this is as of that date even though I'm a little behind. He is 21 pounds and wearing size 18 month clothes for most things, some 12 month stuff.  The 8 month mark was a big day for Niko.  His first two teeth poked through (his mandibular central incisors, to be specific...since that's how we talk around here now).

OK, I fibbed, this photo was taken on October 17.
I was letting Niko air out his bum by doing some naked time on a blanket.  He pooped and before I realized it was poop and not a fart, he ate some.  Excellent!  So, he got a bath, a diaper, and some clothes.  After that, he pushed himself into a seated position from tummy time--another first.  The grand finale of the day was when he barfed a little, twice, at bedtime.  As it turns out, poop does not agree with him.  Imagine that.

Niko is doing well with solid foods, still going slowly but we are almost through enough 'risky' foods to set him free and stop being so cautious.  He seems fine with grains and dairy.  We'll be careful through soy, eggs, and peanuts then relax.

He still wakes to nurse at night, usually "only" twice.  I blame how distracted he gets while nursing during the day and the fact that he's not actually ingesting much for solids yet.  Though I'm not totally convinced the latter has much to do with it.

Still the happiest baby in the history of the world, still Myra's most favorite little brother ever, still adores his big sister.

And, the best part, photos of Niko at 8 months old.

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