Sunday, December 13, 2015

Niko at 10 Months.

I missed a nine month post, Niko turned 10 months on December 11, and I am already procrastinating this one in the name of waiting until I "really have time to sit down and write it." #thingsthatwillneverhappen So, here goes a speed post.  Photos first because I accidentally did it that way and I'm too lazy to redo it.

So proud of himself

Pulling up in the crib that has since been lowered

Children's Museum

Children's Museum
He crosses his fingers while sucking his thumb


We all got slammed with a nasty cold

Sick baby


Niko now has four teeth with a fifth on the way.  He is completely mobile now, does this dolphin kick/worm thing to get around, though he can actually crawl, too.  He is pulling up on anything and everything and we finally lowered his crib more so he can't flip himself out of it.  We're making good progress with solid foods, he loves pizza, spaghetti, yogurt, and any of the melty baby treats (puffs and the like).  No concerns about FPIES or allergies, though we haven't given him peanuts yet (no specific reason, just hasn't happened, maybe tomorrow!).  He's starting to figure out sippy cups and straw cups, but they're mostly fun to bang around.  "Dada" was first, but "Mama" is his new favorite.  He dolphin kicks his way to me and climbs on me while repeating "MAMAMAMAMAMA." I haven't weighed him, but maybe I will tomorrow and edit this for posterity.  At his 9 month check up, he was 21.5 pounds (80%ile) and 28.8 inches (70%ile)...with a 18.5 inch head (93.5%ile).  As amazing as my memory is, no, I did not remember that.  I just looked it up on our clinic portal.  He's in 18 month clothes, some 24 month, and growing quickly.  Still the happiest baby ever, Niko is a big, jolly fella who smiles with his whole face.  The ladies who watch Niko at Myra's school during her class know when he's ready for a nap because he simply stops smiling so much.

Niko usually thinks Myra is great.  She likes to stretch him and roll him over, neither of which he actually needs assistance doing.  They make each other laugh and she's a little protective of "her" things, but very good about giving him something else instead so he doesn't usually mind.  Rowdy is getting a lot more attention from Niko these days, now that he can follow him around.

I'm sure I could add plenty more, but this will have to do!

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