Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Make February Fabulous.

2016 was weird. difficult. yet still, awesome in so many ways. I learned and did a lot. for 2017, I decided I wanted more of the awesome, less of the weird. as for the difficult, bring it on, I'll play the cards I'm dealt. so, I put a lot of thought into how to actually make that happen, what I needed to prioritize to have the kind of year I want, regardless of my life situation. then we had january. some good, some setbacks, and some more weird. I tried a new daily habit tracking system that did not work for me at all. life may be chaotic, but yes I realize it is not quite february yet ;) my whole point here is this: while there's nothing magical about jan 1, it can be a great benchmark to get yourself situated and off to a good start. the same can be said for a new month. but it takes effort and intention. nothing changes if nothing changes. if I want to hit the ground running in feb, I have to figure out my game plan in advance. I read the feb chapter in The Happiness Project, reviewed what was working for me and what wasn't, made my new habit tracker, reviewed my calendar, etc. ain't no way I'll let the month I turn 30 be anything but fabulous. ✨✨what will your feb look like? really, I want to know!
To be clear, everyone, some (most) of the things I am prioritizing and focusing on are not exactly "big things." You know the saying "don't sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff"? All the big stuff boils down to small stuff. When going through my 2017 Power Sheets prep I discovered a whole new way of thinking through goals -- a month/year from now, I want to be able to say I have accomplished ________. I want to be the kind of person who ________. Whatever gets filled into those blanks become my goals. All the big stuff gets broken down into small stuff (think Commit30), and my word of the year is patience. I want to be able to do the splits, but it takes time, so I'm taking a step back and focusing on doing yoga on some level every single day (sometimes that means 2 minutes of a couple poses). I want to be the kind of person who brushes my teeth and washes my face right away every morning before the chaos begins. When I get coffee for myself and milk for the kids, I want all my favorite cups to be clean and ready to be used, so I'll be washing them every night. Being intentional doesn't have to mean big, huge, earth shattering accomplishments every month. Baby steps towards becoming the kind of person I want to become (the kind with a clean mug and a dog whose mouth doesn't smell like his butt) is where it's at. 

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