Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ditch the Attitude.

Staged running selfie to go along with tonight's running-life metaphor. I'm a week into training with a running coach, more on that later. Today's task was 1mi warm up/cool down with a 1mi time trial ("as fast as you can go!") in between-didn't want to do that on a treadmill. Babysitter, check! Freezing rain kept me off the roads, so I headed to our hockey rink's walking track (runners allowed). GPS wasn't working so pacing my warm up was interesting, too fast I'm sure, and I ultimately just shut off GPS and went old school with a stopwatch.
The track is wide enough for two, passing is okay, except there was one (very sweet) couple walking together so once every lap I had a pretty substantial interruption jogging in place behind them until I could scoot around them, usually an aisle in the bleachers. SARCASTIC BONUS: website says 7 laps=1 mile, posted sign says 7.75 (probably truly 7.75), so who really knows what went down today, huh? What I wanted was a clear start, a clear finish, and nothing in my way. Didn't think I needed a reminder, but I guess I did... that.is.not.how.the.world.works. All things considered, I truly believe I did the best I could, I explored a new running/walking space, had a full hour ALONE outside my own house, and I got off the treadmill! All things I wish I could do EVERY day, so I'm trying to ditch the attitude and feel good about today. Coach gave me more credit for my time than I was willing to give myself and I'll have plenty more opportunities to see what I'm made of.

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