Friday, June 8, 2012

7 weeks

My how things can change in a week.  The symptoms seem to be kicking in a bit more this week.  I feel more bloated-almost broke down and started wearing some of the maternity pants I've got stashed away, but instead I've gotten away with fastening my regular pants with a hair tie.  My chest has grown and gotten more sore.  I feel like I need naps even more.  And, the worst of all, my nausea has really kicked in, so much that I broke down and started taking the Zofran I have left from last time.  I haven't actually thrown up, but in some ways I feel like it's worse than having the flu.  At least with the flu you feel awful, throw up and have some relief, even if it doesn't last long.  With this, I just feel lousy all the time.  Oh, and I have a yeast infection-more common during pregnancy.  (I wasn't lying when I said this is where I'll put all the fun pregnancy stuff)

Trevor's been great-trying to keep anything that might smell bad away from me and not complaining that I'm too lazy to put laundry away.  He also spent all day today doing yardwork (fertilizing and weed killing) while I napped inside because I can't be around anything that kills weeds.  

Speaking of symptoms, it's getting to be my bedtime.  Here's this weeks picture...still nothing to see.


  1. i love the pregnancy symptom honesty :)

  2. Hopefully some teenager will read this and think "wow, having a baby is not that cool until you're really ready...and even then it's not always that cool!" haha I knew it wouldn't be a breeze, but the first trimester is usually such a secret you don't hear all this fun stuff!


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