Saturday, June 16, 2012

8 weeks, 1 day

I was home all day yesterday, but just too tired to write anything.  This week started out awful.  I had just started the Zofran which was helping, but I think my "morning" sickness was getting worse at the same time.  I was in a vicious cycle of needing the Zofran to be able to function at all, but I forgot how quickly that stuff made me constipated.  Let's just say it was a long weekend.  Luckily, the last couple of days I've been able to reduce the Zofran to three 4mg pills per day (instead of 4) and I actually feel decent.  Not great, decent.  I still take a nap whenever possible and get tired about 8pm, but this I can actually handle...with the help of Zofran that is.  My chest seems to keep growing and getting more sore, but I can handle that, too.  The feeling awful is the only thing really bringing me down right now.

I wore maternity pants for the first time on Thursday because I am SO BLOATED.  I truly think it's way too early for any type of baby bump, this is all the result of a high-carb diet (to settle my stomach) and some bloating/water retention.  

I had totally been slacking on household stuff, so today I was very pleased to be able to vacuum, do laundry, and empty the dishwasher.  That's about all the excitement I've got for this week.  We've graduated from an embryo to a fetus for those wondering what's actually happening.  I think we're both just getting really anxious for our first appointment (and ultrasound) on Wednesday!  All I want to hear is that everything looks okay.

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