Monday, June 25, 2012


Wow.  I've totally been slacking with the blog the last few weeks!  I think regular life is starting to catch up with us, which is good, but I need to find a time to sit down and document it.  To be honest, this blog is a fun way to let others know what we're up to, but the real point is to journal all the fun things we do for ourselves.  I want to be able to look back and see all the fun things we've done and re-read the stories behind our photos.  But, in order to do that, I need to stay on top of writing these posts.

Now, let's play catch up.  Since our awesome salmon dinner we've been busy!  Adam invited us for delicious food and drinks for his sister's graduation party.  Georgia invited us to her birthday party, water balloon fight and all.  Trevor has been playing softball every Monday night and doing quite well.  He also just finished his first summer session class, enjoyed it for the most part-should be getting a good grade, too.  Trevor and Tyson went to the Air Show in Mankato-it was hot and windy, but they both thoroughly enjoyed it.  On Father's Day Trevor went golfing with his dad, my dad, Dustin and Carson.  Then I went to visit my Grandpa with my dad and we stopped at Minnehaha Falls and Sea Salt.  Last week I went to the Big Brothers Big Sisters summer picnic with my Little, Alea.  We had walking tacos (one of my favorites), did some crafts and played some games.  And, finally, this past weekend Trevor and I went to visit my aunt/uncle/cousins in Wisconsin.  They're a really fun bunch and well worth the four hour drive.  We went to the Henry Vilas Zoo then to their friend's house for an afternoon party.  We went to a local pizza place for supper then played the Would You Rather board game.  Rowdy got to have a fun, long weekend with Candace and friends at his doggie daycare, everyone wins!

Hopefully I didn't miss anything.  It's been a busy month!  Each of those things probably deserves its own post, some photos at least, but it was just time to get caught up.  As for post-deployment reintegration, we're both relived that, so far, things are going great!  After our big, scary post a few months back, I think it's safe to say we learned some valuable lessons last time.  It's been an adjustment, yes, but we've been doing really well communicating everything.  And, I must say, the hubs has really stepped it up.  I'm not blaming him for how things went last time, not one bit, but he's been pretty impressive working hard around the house and with school all while adjusting to real life again.  Life is good and we are blessed.  Our weekends aren't looking too bad this summer (at least not compared to the usual) so we hope to enjoy time together and with our loved ones.  More soon-I promise!


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