Friday, October 12, 2012

25 weeks

Trevor is at drill so you all get another self portrait for this week. Yes, I could use the timer on our camera, but it's so much easier to use my phone and type this/upload the photo with the Blogger app than mess around with getting the photo from the camera. Lazy, I know.

These weeks seem fairly uneventful. I'm feeling great, minimal pregnancy symptoms (maybe I'm just getting used to it by now), and slow and steady belly growth/weight gain. I'm up about 17 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight which is basically right on track.  I've been back on the treadmill regularly, walking with Rowdy (yep, he walks with me on the treadmill!).  Oh, and I think nesting is setting in.  I went cleaning crazy last weekend, scrubbed the shower/tub for over an hour, vacuumed the whole house (got out the attachments for up against the walls/corners) right before Rowdy had a puppy friend come stay the night.  I hear it'll only get worse!

The biggest change in the last week is that I now have to sit down to put on my socks and shoes. I know, this is jut the beginning, but it's different! Oh, and I got asked when I'm due by a stranger, another first.

I suppose I should start looking at the baby name book again. We have a name in mind, and a list, but I'm not completely sold on anything just yet. And, yes, Trevor is very involved in the name stuff, it just seems he prefers to pick from my list rather than a book of 100,000+ names!

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