Saturday, October 27, 2012

27 weeks

It's getting hard to remember what even happen in the last week...or two. As of today I'm up 20 pounds so far and I can honestly say I don't even feel like I've gained that much. I realize I have some time to go yet though!

We had an appointment about a week ago and got the report on our follow up ultrasound-baby's heart looks good. We're getting another one in a week to check on the cysts but there have been no other markers for anything concerning. The radiologist from the ultrasounds described them as "likely insignificant" because of that and their size (only 2mm). It seems they're fairly common and typically insignificant.

The throat mucous is coming back and now I have diaper rash haha, not sure what else to call it. It comes and goes and I can definitely deal with it. I'm starting to get tired again, taking naps on my days off.

27-28 weeks is the start of the third trimester, varies depending on what book you read. I guess that means baby time will be here before we know it! I'm making progress on cleaning out baby's room-I should probably get moving since shower #1 is next weekend! Then right after that is my glucose screen and the beginning of our every other week doctor appointments.

Question for the week: I'm a big fan of generics (food, household products, whatever) but there are certain things that really aren't the same. Any baby specific things that you would/would not recommend using generic? (I've heard a lot of praise for target and wal mart brand diapers, for example)

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