Friday, October 3, 2014

Minnesota Fall.

Fall in Minnesota.  Half summer, half winter.  Fall is my favorite season, by far, but it seems like we only get a few weeks of that perfect fall weather each year (if we're lucky).  I better get these photos of our warm weather fall activities before it turns into winter.  Last weekend it was 80 degrees and this weekend we are (were??) expecting snow. 

The Army has been/will be needing Trevor a lot lately, so Myra and I have been busy doing our own thing.

Our patriotic little Red Bull
Myra and I met Cory and Ashley at one of our favorite semi-local apple orchards.  Myra helped them pick their apples then we went inside to sample some.  This was a big moment for me because I could actually let Myra try all the different apple varieties!. I even found some apple butter to bring home, a new food item made with things she can actually have!

After lunch and a nap, we just had to enjoy the beautiful weather a little more.  We packed Rowdy up and headed to our local dog park.  I think Myra has more fun there than Rowdy.  She makes lots of friends, people and dogs alike.  And when we're all done, I get to bring home a tired kid and a tired dog.


Compare all that sunshine and warmth to today, chilly and windy.  Here is Myra, clearly excited to get to school this morning!

Happy Fall, everyone!

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