Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Snickering over here wondering what bloggy world thought a title like "Vaccines" would mean.  I'm not going to argue for/against vaccines here, sorry folks.  And you're welcome.

While we fully vaccinate and on schedule (ourselves and our offspring, dog included), this post isn't about how we came to that conclusion.  My biggest peer pressure to other parents and parents-to-be on this topic is to please make an informed decision.  Do your homework, discuss it, and decide what you think is best.  That's kind of my philosophy on parenting in general.  Well, that and be flexible and open minded as things can change.  Anyway, that's all I've got on that.

Since we vaccinate Myra, she needed a flu shot.  We don't do shots during a food trial and won't start a food trial when shots are coming up, just to avoid and potentially confusing symptoms.  Since our fiasco on Monday, we're taking a week off food trials, so now was the perfect time to squeeze in her flu shot.  Funny story, when I called to make the appointment at the shot clinic, they asked, "When does Myra want to come in for the shot?"  I said, "Uh...I don't think she does?" The woman on the phone got a good laugh.  Anyway, back to my point...

We have always (except maybe once? I think we forgot our carrier) "worn" Myra during her shots.  However you can get the job done is fine by me, and I mean no judgment by how this may sound, but I just can't bring myself to physically hold Myra down while they give her shots (as many as three in a row).  I'm all about vaccines and Trevor and I have agreed the benefits outweigh the downfalls for us, but that doesn't make the act of getting shots enjoyable for anyone. 

For shots, my preference is a soft structured carrier (Tula, Ergo, Boba, Beco, Lillebaby, and many other options).  I put her in pants that can easily be pulled all the way up (or shorts if it's warm), but leg warmers would be awesome for this purpose, too.  I wear her on my front and just make sure the nurse will have plenty of upper thigh access.  I don't ask for their 'permission' because they are still completely able to do their job.  I guess I figure if they want my help restraining my child, we're going to do it on my terms.  By asking (I did once just to be polite), the nurse just gets a little flustered trying to figure out how it will work, when I know it will be just fine...and easier on everyone.  Plus, well, it's my kid, so I don't ask for permission.

So, Myra in carrier, one shoulder strap down if that makes it easier, pants hiked up, I hold her arm down and the nurse gives the shot.  Done.  As I see it, much easier than trying to hold a baby (or toddler) down on a bed, especially now when Myra knows exactly what's coming.  I'm instantly holding Myra, we can walk around, sit down, whatever works best for her to relax.  I am able to grab my stuff to leave while still holding her.  Even if you have a smaller carrier that  might not fit perfectly anymore, that's just fine for this purpose.  In fact, having that extra access in the upper leg area is a bonus. 


  1. That is a great idea! Wish I would have thought of it even though it would have been hard with 3 babies & only two of us. I tried to get our nurse/dr to do shot in their infant seats but they didn't think they'd get good enough access :( although our boys always calmed right down with a pacifier I hated having to transfer them to their infant seat & move right on to the next baby, if I had been wearing one at least it would have felt like I was still comforting him for a minute anyways.
    Good thinking & god job mama! :)

    1. Thanks! And you have your hands full in a whole different way with three all the same age! ;)


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