Thursday, August 6, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wowza we have been busy!  To get myself back in bloggy mode, again, here are some random photos with updates.  I'm in denial that my baby will be half a year next week, so expect a post about that soon!

Safety first!
Como Town with friends
Sigh, poor kid didn't get his own 5 month post
Play date with friends and lots of kiddos! Photo by Memory Me Studio.
Shirt says "best baby bro." Isn't that the truth.
Found some goodies while unpacking.
Swaddled and sleeping.  She thinks she's hilarious.
Quinoa, beans, and spinach.  "More spinach please, Mommy?"
I love the progress we're making with foods.  She can now eat normal toddler things like ketchup, spaghetti, and peanut butter.
Being a parent means feet in your face and lots of giggling.
Our new city has a Puppet Wagon.  It's a traveling puppet show that goes to various parks around town in the summer.  Myra thought this was just great!
First time wearing two babies at once.  Not too shabby!
I started walking around the house all sassy trying to get Myra moving to get ready for bed (OH, the dawdling...).  Then I walk in her room to find this.  "Reading books with Niko!" Heart melt.

And yes, Trevor lives here, too, though somehow he has mostly escaped the camera lately.  We'll have to fix that.  I hope to share more photos and updates soon!  We are loving the new area and house, everyone is settling in quite nicely.  Even Rowdy is starting to relax a bit and find new places to hang out, though I'm sure he misses his old window perch.  Selling a house and moving with two small children is no small task!  But hey, at least we are done with house showings.  If I could never go through that again...

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