Monday, August 10, 2015

Dental School: Day One.

This is what our day was like on day one of dental school.  I was going to throw on some makeup for this family photo, but that's just not reality today.  Myra is 2.5, Niko will be 6 months tomorrow.  Rowdy is 5.5.

Today I am tired.  Trevor is, too.  Myra was up twice last night, stuffed up because I slacked on getting her Zyrtec refilled, plus we lost the little tube that goes with her Nose Frida.  I have another one on the way, but for now we are relying on her mediocre nose blowing skills.  I randomly quit giving Niko pacifiers for sleeping yesterday because any other time of day he sucks his thumb, so I decided he can figure that out in bed, too.  There was zero protest, so I guess that's done.  He woke twice to nurse, once just as I was falling asleep, of course.  These are the days of our lives.

Obligatory first day of school photo
Trevor got up at 5am to go work out then head to Histology.  They have an intense, short session class for a few weeks until the regular semester starts.

Trevor's view
I took the kids on a short adventure to find our nearest dog food retailer, Trevor came home at lunch time, the kids had staggered afternoon naps during which Trevor and I ran some errands (at different times since Myra isn't quite ready for babysitting).

We ate leftover salmon pasta for supper.  Trevor and I both got our ducks in a row for tomorrow.  He's got class again, I'm going to hang out with another baby for a couple hours in the morning.

And that, my friends, is a recap of our lives on Dental School, Day One.

We've already come a long way since Acceptance Day back in February! My belly was running out of room thanks to baby.

Our little Gophers
Our little Gophers

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