Sunday, April 15, 2012


I got to spend some quality time with two of my favorites this weekend, both named Angie!

Friday, Angie and her girls (two daughters and dog) met Rowdy and me at the dog park in Faribault.  The dogs were quick to jump in the water...and mud.

After the dogs were all wet and muddy, we walked a couple laps on the trail.

We worked up an appetite at the dog park, so we went home to make homemade pizza and dye eggs (better late than never, right?).

 Bella pretended they were bird eggs, hatched them, then let us eat them.  She just turned 4 and peeled the eggs without asking for any help-I was impressed!

 Livy thought the eggs looked like fun, too.

 Bella took a lot of pictures-had a few that turned out pretty good!


Saturday morning, my friend Jenna brought her dog Chip over to play with Rowdy.  They go to daycare together on Tuesdays and are very good friends!

Then Angie and Collin came to visit!  The weather was perfect so we spent some time outside for a while.

Collin treated Rowdy to a bit of a spa day.

 Next we went to the shrimp truck.  My dad has been getting shrimp from them for years and it's the best shrimp you'll find around here.  They drive fresh shrimp, crab, crawfish, flounder, snapper and oysters up from the Gulf of Mexico every few weeks, stopping at select locations for only about an hour each.  The jumbo shrimp were extra jumbo (10-15 per pound) this time!

 Angie and Collin peeled then I deveined.

 As expected, they were delicious!

I felt a little guilty telling Trevor we stopped by the shrimp truck, but he'll be blogging about his own experience this weekend.  Let's just say I didn't need to feel guilty at all. 

My dad stopped over for a little bit.  While he was here, Collin drew this picture on my iPad of all of us.


PS-I was trying to post videos of the dog park and Chip's visit, but they seemed to be in a format that didn't work.  Once I converted them to a format that would work, they were sideways and I couldn't find a way to rotate them.  Any of my fellow bloggers have tips? 

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