Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Despite missing a few people (deployment and sickness), Easter was a blast!  My dad and I headed to Trevor's parents' house for a day full of fun.

 I helped out a bit in the kitchen then we got to work on stuffing eggs.  This is probably 1/4 of what we stuffed and hid, honestly.  While hiding this year's eggs, we found one that was surely from last year.

 Our egg hunters this year were 3, 5 and 9 so we made some pretty easy...

and some not so easy...

The kids had fun searching for eggs and even found a few for Papa Jeff (golf balls).  

We all worked up quite an appetite filling, hiding, and finding those eggs so we were more than ready for a big meal!

 Dustin and Danny had the ham under control-even did a little quality check for us.

 In addition to a great meal, we had some yummy treats for dessert.  We had the bird nest treats I made the day prior as well.

The home made frosting was delicious-and sticky too!

Our Easter baskets have a lot of fruit and a little candy because what kind of Easter basket would it be without Peeps?

After eating, we played Trouble while passing around the phone so everyone could video chat with Trevor.

Lots of this juice and plenty of treats means some boys with a lot of energy! (Elliot will pose for photos all day long, so he is in them the most.  Seems the older they get, the faster they run from the camera!)

 Extra sugar=extra energy=extra silly.

Okay, one nice picture, too.

I hope you all had a great weekend, too!


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