Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final Fling.

Yesterday Rowdy and I packed up and headed to meet Mari at our friend Amy's house.  We grabbed some food then Mari and I were off to St. Paul for Moe's bachelorette party.  While this night was for Moe, her final fling before the ring, it was perfect timing for a final fling girls night out for me before Trevor comes home, too.

Besides just being a great party with good food and drinks and fun games (as if that weren't enough), it was the perfect excuse to spend time with friends I don't see often enough!

At the hotel, we had lots of delicious snacks and drinks and chatted before playing some games and opening gifts.  We all got to hear some "fun facts" and stories about the couple, but I'll leave it at that since, you know, they're better told by Moe.

Moe wasn't the only one who got presents, though.  I'm now the proud owner of these straw glasses.  And yes, they work.

We wrapped up the hotel fun and headed to The Wild Onion.  I had hardly set foot in the place and look who found me!

Jenna is a friend from Owatonna and was out for a bachelorette party, too.  Of all places to run into each other...a bar in St. Paul.  We chatted for a bit then got back to our respective parties, only to run into each other again on the dance floor.

Any time I go out when I have a friend or loved one deployed, the first thing I order is a Scooby Snack.  This all started when Trevor was gone on his last deployment-he likes Scooby Doo, the shots are green, so is the uniform, and they're pretty weak so no one complains about it.  Mari, Moe and I had our Scooby Snacks then next stop: the dance floor!

We all had a great time and are excited for an even bigger party in a few weeks!  

Mrs. Jaqua & the soon-to-be Mrs. Jaqua!

Oh, and one more picture-when Mari and I got back to Amy's, I just had to let her try the glasses, too.  They really do look good on anyone.

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