Friday, April 6, 2012

Birthday Party!

No big narrative this time, just some fun photos from our nephew's third birthday party...and the rest of the week.  It's been a busy one!  (I must give credit where credit is due, I am posting my week in photos after getting the idea from my friend Amy's Snippets posts.)

He wanted a closer look at his cake.

 And he wanted one of the wheel pieces of the cake.

 Rowdy had fun, too.

Time for presents-this one was from big brother, Parker.

Elliot, when you read this as an adult, please accept my apologies for posting photos of you opening underwear on your birthday.  You were so darn excited about it, though!

Parker entertained himself with some iPod skee ball.

I believe the guess was "umbrella."

 Had to try it out right away!

My favorite funny story from the party: I asked Elliot, 3, if I should bring Rowdy inside.  He got a bit concerned and said "he will poop in here."  I assured him Rowdy is potty trained and wouldn't poop inside.  Elliot responded, "Well, he has a butt!"


Went on a couple walks with Cassie and Addison this week.

11th Annual "Healing the Hearts of Our Children" Luncheon, my work's only fundraiser of the year.  Proud to say we met and exceeded our goal!

Tired Rowdy.

Saving the best for last, Trevor took this one while flying over New York on his journey to Camp Shelby where he'll be for a few weeks before coming home.  That's right folks, he's in the States!



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