Friday, July 20, 2012

13 weeks

Call it what you want: 13 weeks, 3 months, 2nd trimester-we've made it.  It's actually kind of weird not having this pregnancy be a secret anymore.  I think we both got so used to it being a secret it started to feel normal.  We're certainly very appreciative of all the congratulations and excitement though.  And what a relief to even make it this far (a long way to go yet, I know!).

Symptoms have been about the same this week as last week.  No gag barfing in the last week though.  Gagging, absolutely, just not causing me to throw up.  I've actually started to occasionally gag on nothing, just randomly happens.  I'm finding it difficult to drink plain water, so I drink carbonated water (the non sugary kind, just plain sparkling water-the burping makes me feel better, too) or water with sliced cucumbers in it.  I'm still needing the half a Unisom at night and still getting up to pee in the middle of the night, but it's tolerable.  In general I haven't felt quite as tired as I did a few weeks ago, but it still hits me every so often.  Yesterday I could hardly keep my eyes open all afternoon.  The weather today was much nicer than it's been so I was able to get out for a walk.  My appetite comes and goes.  I can eat snacks all day (I try to keep it healthy with apples, bagels, cucumbers) but actual meals, especially supper, just don't sound good.  I'm hoping that goes away soon.

Now that we're past the 1st trimester, this is all starting to feel more real.  We've discussed names (don't even ask! and while you're whining about that we're not finding out the sex either) and have decided on a "theme" for the nursery (ocean).  Right now what will be the nursery is more like one giant storage closet, something we'll need to tackle in the coming months.  Things I'm irrationally worried about: where and when to have a baby shower and what if Trevor is at class in Mankato and I need to get to the hospital (also in Mankato).

That's about all I've got for this week.  Oh, and for those of you reading this who can answer some first time mom questions for's number one: What's your best pregnancy tip/advice?

  I should stop taking these after I eat.  It may appear there's a bump, but I think it's just post-eating bloat.  Correct me if you think I'm wrong.



  1. I have a pregnancy tip! Only been there four times though, so what do I know?? Enjoy it!! Believe it or not, some day you will miss this! Enjoy every nudge, hiccup, and full on kick to the ribs! But also, dont feel guilty if you don't! Some women are glowing, happy, make-me-sick people when they are pregnant. Others, like myself, hate it all but miss it when its over. Just go with it! If you're craving a cheeseburger with peanut butter, have one! When else will you feel ok endulging in something like that!? And most of all, take advice or leave it. When you're pregnant, and after the baby comes, everyone seems to know whats best for you and baby, but your instincts are better than any advice out there!! Congrats to both of you! And to Baby Gibbs! He or she got blessed with some pretty awesome parents!!

  2. My advice? You'll go mad if you attempt to take everyone's advice to heart. Feel free to ignore anyone who isn't your doctor or your mother if the advice doesn't feel right or simply doesn't 'fit' your life and circumstances. As Tosha said, your instincts are better than any advice.


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