Sunday, July 15, 2012

Saturday the 14th.

I've been looking forward to this weekend for some time now.  Thankfully, I have no Friday the 13th horror stories to tell, but what I can tell you is I'm a fan of Saturday the 14th.

Trevor was sick last week.  I'll spare you the details, but luckily he was feeling better by Saturday.  Rowdy let us sleep in a little Saturday morning, then we got ready to head to Stillwater for my cousin Drew's graduation open house.  We got there shortly after my dad did and had a nice visit with my dad, Drew, my aunt Karon and a few of the other guests.  Drew made a great photo slideshow and it was fun looking back at all the photos.  Tony, his brother, had some awesome cornrows back in the day-I had forgotten about those.  

After the graduation party we stopped home to let Rowdy out and meet up with David, Jenny and their dog, Tripp, before heading to party #2.  One of our very good friends Adam fell for a lovely woman, Meg, he met while vacationing in Mexico.  After he made two trips to visit her in the Boston area, it was finally her turn to come visit him...and meet a lot of people!  Someday I'll devote an entire post to their cute, mushy, romantic love story, but today let's focus on the slip 'n slide party.

Now when I say slip 'n slide, I'm not talking the standard premade type you can buy at Target.  This thing required 30 pool noodles, two (or three?) sprinklers, baby oil and a huge yard.  I took this photo at about the 2/3 mark, so this isn't even the whole thing.

If I told you Adam's parents made him chug this beer while slip 'n sliding, would you believe me?  You should.

We moved onto a few rounds of bean bags that dragged on forever and ever.  It was fun regardless and we had some good laughs and great conversation.  I love getting to know new people.  Meg and I have been emailing for a while now so it was fun seeing the person I have gotten to know via email come to life.  Does that make her sound like Pinocchio?  She's totally cooler than Pinocchio. 

As the night went on, there were more laughs, more conversations, and more slip 'n slides.

These two went down wrestling-what a sight that was.  David and Jenny spent the night with Tripp.  The dogs played hard this morning and, bonus!, Rowdy has been napping all day.

I hear our kabobs are almost done-perfect timing. 


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