Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Parker is 6.

Our nephew, Parker, turned six this week, so Sunday we got to get together with family for his party.  He wanted a surprise party, so he took a nap then Jamie and Adam decorated.  When he woke up, we were all there, quietly waiting to yell "Surprise!!"  He seemed pleased, albeit sleepy, when he came out of his room.  

Like the mature adults we are, we all chucked the decorative beach balls at each other in the living room for quite some time while waiting to eat.  There was a lot of delicious food, plenty of cake and ice cream and a very happy birthday boy.

After the dinner, presents, cake and ice cream, the younger boys headed outside to play with one of Parker's new toys.  That's right, we went to another slip n slide party

Naturally, once I put my phone away and was done taking photos, the boys got pretty creative.  They put the tree in different places so they could crash into it, got out an inflatable slide to get going faster, then used it as a tunnel.  What is it about a bunch of boys, a hill, some water and plastic?  It just gets their minds going like nothing else.

And, finally, after Elliot had given up on the slip n slide, he ran into the house excitedly with this.

He made sure to take good care of this "tree frog."  

Happy Birthday, Parker!


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