Thursday, July 19, 2012

Knock Knock.

I imagine it was odd for Ashley and Ryan to knock on the front door when they came over for dinner the other night.  Ashley lived with me for 7 months while Trevor was deployed and, thus, had her own house key.  Since I had been feeling awful and keeping the big pregnancy secret, we'd been procrastinating getting together with them since Trevor got home

I knew Ashley from school and mutual friends.  I actually ran into her at the post office when I saw her sending out five flat rate boxes with some confusion on the customs forms.  I assumed they were going to an APO/FPO so I sent her a Facebook message.  It turned out her boyfriend, Ryan, was in Afghanistan and she was also looking for a place to live in town, so that was that.  Ryan was an active duty Marine and just had a short time left to serve after this last deployment.  He moved back to Owatonna in December so I got to know both Ashley and him very well.

So we snacked and talked, then talked and ate.  It was good to see them and catch up, and great for them to finally meet Trevor and for him to meet them.  And just in the nick of time since they're moving to the metro area in a couple weeks.


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