Monday, March 26, 2012

Golfing in Kuwait.

Trevor's first post from Kuwait!

So, about 10 of us from the Medical Platoon went for a golf trip near
Kuwait City.  We had to go to AJ first to meet up with another 10
golfers and the MWR folks who were supposed to bus us all to the
course.  Well, when we got to AJ, they said that the bus was
cancelled, so LT and I agreed that we were going on this trip no
matter what!  We had been planning on this for over a month and
looking forward to it.  So, we decided to head out there on our own.

When we got there at about 1030, we took a couple pictures...we were
in awe of all the grass!!! 

Ok, this grass is more like well-kept
weeds than grass, but green short stuff nonetheless.  What caught me
the most off guard was the smell- the smell of moisture and living know...plants.  lol.  We got our rental clubs and paid
our green fees..then, it was off to the first tee.

We all shanked our drives with the exception of my LT...his was
straight down the fairway (lucky dog).  Mine was a slice from hell!!!
We continued on and my game improved after a few holes.  Then, it was
like my old self, only, with crappy clubs and being in the
middle-east.  I had a good competition going with my LT, he was up 4
on me after the first two holes, but I slowly crept up on him
throughout the 9 holes.

Well, I had the opportunity to beat him on the 9th and final hole.  I
had to sink a 4 ft. putt and missed.  So, I had to tap in for a
tie...I missed!  So, he proceeded to harass me about it and will
inevitably never let it die.  When we get home, we will play
again...and I WILL BE THE VICTOR!!!  Well, we'll see.

All-in-all, we got to get off the base for a few hours, have some fun
and relax.  We all got plenty of sun and enjoyed an absolutely
beautiful day.  These are incredibly hard to come by as this was, by
far, the best day I have had in this country.  It is rather odd that I
got to golf while on a deployment.  It is especially strange
considering our geographical location.  Nonetheless, it was a
wonderful day with some relaxing fun in the desert sun.

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