Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Home Stretch.

My FRG (Family Readiness Group) duties seem to be picking up as the end of this deployment nears.  We've got a great FRG team and a lot of awesome families, lucky us!  We decided to have a fun event this month to celebrate being so close to the end.  The event?  An afternoon at Wow! Zone in Mankato.

 The kids had a lot of fun!

 So did the grown ups.

As you can see, our youngest FRG member is pretty popular.  Here she is meeting one of her favorite soldiers, Lance, for the first time.  He came to say hi since he's home on R&R for a couple weeks.

Our "almost home!" cake.


As if I didn't get enough of Addison Sunday at our FRG event and the walk we took afterwards, she came to hang out last night so Cassie could run some errands solo.  We may have giggled a little bit :)

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