Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Forward.

My daylight savings weekend was a success!  I don't work Fridays, so my weekends typically start Thursday evenings-this one being no different.  After work Thursday, I picked up my Little and we headed to a fitness event Big Brothers Big Sisters put together.  We went to West Hills Tennis & Fitness Center for some pool and gym time.  We swam, played basketball, and tried some workout machines. 

Fridays are my days to get stuff done around the house.  I continued sifting through storage bins and trying to get more garage stuff put away...still working on the pesky little mouse problem.  We went 9 days without catching or seeing a mouse, and just when I thought we were home free one scurried out from under the lawn mower.  Anyway, after some cleaning, I headed to a friend's house for lunch, my newest Army wife friend to be specific.  Her husband left for Basic Training less than two weeks ago.  We ended up visiting for almost three hours before I was headed back home for a nice, long walk with Rowdy-outside!  He's gotten so good at walking on the treadmill with me, but it's been nice getting back into walking outdoors.

Saturday morning I packed up Rowdy, picked up my dad, and we were off to visit Angie, Collin, and Vicky for the weekend.  Angie and I met when we were three years old living across the street from each other.  Our parents would play cards and we would get into all kinds of trouble.  Angie and her family moved away the summer before kindergarten, but somehow we've stayed as close as ever over the past 20 years.  (20 years, can you believe it Ang?!)  My dad and I stopped to visit my grandpa on the way.  He likes to read what's on everyone's shirts, so I wore my Minnesota Gophers (his alma mater) shirt to get him talking.  It worked.

The drive to Sartell is a long one even as an adult, but seemed like an eternity when Angie first moved.  This sign is how I knew we were so close and it's still exciting when I see it now.  Saturday's weather was perfect for early March, so we grabbed some beers and hung out on the deck.

Wasn't long, though, til we switched it up and each had a Bloody Mary.  This was actually my very first, believe it or not.

My dad, Collin, and Rowdy had fun playing in the snow.

As we moved into margarita time, we brought the fun inside.  

Collin is quite the cribbage player, so my dad challenged him to a game. 

I think it's safe to say the weekend was a success!  Although we might need to have a do-over when Tony and Trevor can join us.

Even after losing an hour of sleep, Angie and I were up bright and early (before our parents!) cleaning and cooking.  They raised us, the least we could do is make them breakfast, right?


It won't be long before my updates and Trevor's can be written together!  It seems like Trevor is as busy as ever preparing for redeployment (at ease, that's their word for homecoming).  In fact, he's about 90% packed.  Soon they'll ship his stuff to the States, and him!  I'm still in the habit of looking for cards to send him when I'm shopping, but no need now, we've passed the mail cut off date!  He's very anxious to just get to the States, and home, of course!  As soon as there are dates to share, I'll do just that.

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