Sunday, May 20, 2012

4 weeks, 2 days

Holy cow.  We successfully hid my pregnancy at Jaqua's wedding and our big party.  There were some awesome hosted drinks at the wedding, and it would be pretty strange for me to turn that down.  So, I got a few drinks and would pretend to drink (backwash, basically) and when John and Mari weren't looking Trevor would take a big swig.  It appeared no one noticed, phew!

As for the party, that was going to be a little more difficult.  I drank water for the first few hours, telling everyone I overdid it at the wedding and needed to hydrate a bit.  I truly was tired so pulling off the sluggish hungover thing wasn't too difficult.  After a while, I started drinking.  The master plan was that I had a cooler of NA beer in our bedroom closet, and when I would go to the bathroom, I would also go into our bedroom and refill my own cup.  

Luckily, no one suspected.  At least I don't think anyone did.  I didn't get offered any shots, played beer pong with my NA beer and even switched to water at the end of the night so I "wouldn't get the spins."  In some ways I may be a bit paranoid about people figuring it out, but everyone's always on the lookout.  Rhya looked at me funny twice throughout the night thinking something I had said meant baby on the way.  Both times I just held up my beer and said something to the effect of "ahh... no!"  But, if any of you felt neglected or ignored at the welcome home party, my apologies.  The more I ignored you, the harder it was to keep it a secret from you.  Consider it a compliment.

I look like I have about a 4 month pregnant belly thanks to being bloated (pregnancy+eating all the awesome food people brought).  I'm tired, but we've been on the go since Thursday afternoon so that could explain it, too.  I'm pretty gassy, but I have eaten a lot of food and did have some NA beers so that could explain it.  My sense of smell is pretty fierce and after a big party like this I wish that weren't the case.  I feel like our whole house smells like a rotten, moldy, beer-soaked foot.  All in all my symptoms aren't too bad yet, but I'm just getting started.  It's interesting how different these pregnancies are already.  Last time this time (or even earlier, I got a positive test at 3.5 weeks) I was so miserably sick feeling, exhausted and had no appetite.  This time I'm already having to really watch what I eat because I just don't want to stop!

I'm procrastinating taking a belly photo because I'm so bloated, but I don't think that will be going away anytime soon.  There won't actually be any baby belly to see for a while, but I'm interested to see how it grows.  I may eat my words once I start getting bigger!

Got the first doctor appointment scheduled for June 20 and I'm pretty darn excited Trevor will be able to come along.  I'm very anxious to see our doctor and make sure everything is okay.  I'm almost positive June 20 was the exact day of our appointment last year where we found out we were pregnant with twins.  My gut tells me it's just one, but I'm also anxious to ask her "so, how many?" 


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