Monday, May 7, 2012

First Weekend Home.

It's been a few days now and it's already starting to feel like a blur.  After all the excitement of Friday, we had a really nice weekend.  

Saturday we didn't do much at all.  It was rainy much of the day so we sat around all morning.  Trevor made us scrambled eggs with toast and fruit for breakfast...and cleaned up.  Once the rain stopped, Trevor took Rowdy for a run.  

The shrimp truck was in town again so that made dinner plans easy.  We did FaceTime with Adam while preparing the shrimp.  We boiled some and did some scampi-style, delicious!  Again, Trevor cleaned up.  I went downstairs to change loads of laundry and fold clothes, came back up and the dishes were done-it's like magic having two people in a household!  Then we finished off the evening with some beers and a movie-perfect day!

Sunday we were ready to visit some people so our first stop was Trevor's mom and dad's.  We brought Rowdy and stopped at the dog park in Faribault on the way.  Trevor got to see their new living room set up (TV, couch, entertainment center)-big change from last time he was there.  Carson tired Rowdy out!

Christy stopped for some Chinese food and we all ate way too much.  Since we were in the area, we went to visit Adam, Parker and Elliot (Jamie was working).  The boys had fun chasing Rowdy around the house.  Trevor spent much of the last year playing ping-pong with any free time he had, so Adam challenged him to a game on their table.  I honestly couldn't tell you who won (can you tell I'm not the competitive type?).  It was getting late and we wanted to get back in time to stop at Dairy Queen so we took off.  Trevor would splurge on desserts on Sundays in Kuwait so much he started calling it "Dessert Sunday," except at first he accidentally told me (via email) "Desert Sunday."  Ironic since that's where he was, so the name has stuck.

I took the week off work, so as far as I'm concerned today is still the weekend.  Trevor needed new softball cleats for his game tonight, so we went to Rochester for some shopping.  We stopped by the Guest House to say hi to Lynn before meeting Mike at Roscoe's for find out they're not open on Mondays, so we went to Newt's instead for some delicious burgers.  We found out the mall does not carry cleats, or running shoes in my size (I have big feet!), so that was kind of a bust.  Other than the fact that Trevor (a different Trevor who deployed with my husband) and his brother, Trent, and girlfriend, Kristy, were at the mall too so we stopped to talk to them for a bit.  We eventually found some cleats and awesome running shoes in my size, headed home, and I napped while Trevor finally unpacked his bags.  Looks like he's staying!

Now Trevor is at softball (won the first game, by the way) and I'm writing this after a nice, long walk with Rowdy.  So far, life is good!  It's all an adjustment, but good.  I'm getting used to hearing Trevor yell, "Um.. new normal question?" when he discovers something I've changed in the house (where we keep the towels or dental floss, for example).  Like we said in the reintegration post, there's really no such thing as "back to normal," but rather we have to find our new normal.  It's also become quite apparent neither of us is used to putting the toilet seat down :)  At some of the workshops we've attended they pointed out how, in some ways, deployed soldiers have no decisions to make (they don't decide what to eat, when to eat, what to wear, where to go or when to go there, etc.) and it may be a slow transition for them with many decisions to make at home.  It's interesting to watch Trevor choose what to wear, what to have for breakfast, things I don't even think twice about deciding, but that he is getting used to deciding all over again.  But, like I said, it really has been a great few days so far and I still have a week off work.  We're looking forward to some quiet time together as well as spending time with friends, and he sure came home at the perfect time weather-wise.


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