Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We're only half way through the week and it's already been an awesome one.  Yesterday, Trevor and I went grocery shopping.  We also got some water softener salt-I've gotten so sick of loading that and carrying it into the house it's nice to have a second set of [stronger] hands!  We laid around for a while then Trevor got to work on some garage storage.  It's not so much that we have a "honey-do" list, but more a "reorganize the whole house" list and that starts with getting stuff out of our spare rooms and into the garage.  Lucky for me I married a man who can build this kind of stuff on his own.

Stef and Tyson had us over for dinner last night.  We all filled our bellies (like, Thanksgiving full) and had lots of fun with the kiddos.  I must say, I think we lucked out when they decided to move to town.  We're looking forward to many summer get-togethers!  

Hadlee built tunnels and towers with her Legos, made us tea, and put her baby to sleep.

Porter was all over the place!


Today has been a very productive day.  I got some ribs going in the crock pot this morning then Trevor and I made homemade beef jerky.  It's in the dehydrator still and should be done any minute.  I sent this to him when he was in Kuwait and always wanted to keep it all to myself, so I thought we should make some now that we can actually share it. 

 These shelves are going to be pretty sturdy.

While Trevor was hard at work outside, I got a lot done inside.  Randy, our neighbor, stopped by for a visit, too.  We just enjoyed our rib dinner, time for a relaxing night at home.  I keep wondering if this is what it would feel like to be retired-we're getting so much done!

Well folks, that's been the excitement of our staycation thus far!


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