Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Soundset is our favorite annual music festival put on by Rhymesayers Entertainment at Canterbury Park.  They put together an awesome set list of underground hip hop artists, many of them local talent.  It's 8+ hours of awesome music, outdoors, in good ole Minnesota.  And, bonus, there's a car show, B-Boy/Girl competition and more.  Plus, excellent company.  We went with Rhya and Danny and met up with some deployment pals and even Angie for a while.

We got there with a little time to spare before one of our favorites, Prof, took the stage.  We love his music and he puts on a great show.  Rhya and Danny were hooked after seeing him perform.  Trevor had been emailing Prof and his booking agent during his latest deployment because Prof really wanted to come perform for them.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of planning and, quite frankly, time to make that happen so it didn't work out.  But, Prof sure remembered Trevor when they met!

Prof and DJ Fundo

There were new performers every half-hour, so we got to see so much good music.  It was a hot day (my least favorite kind of day) but I survived thanks to the good entertainment and company.  And some really awesome, refreshing lemonade.

Oh yeah, Trevor met them, too.

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis were one of my two new favorites.  Loved the music, loved the show and loved the shirt.  I think it's awesome when people with any kind of power (celebrities, politicians, musicians, anyone) use that power for good-like his shirt.  No subtlety there and I loved it.  My other new favorite was Danny Brown.  He had an awesome sound and even more awesome hair.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of him-I must have been too busy enjoying the show.

There were many other awesome performers there, too, like I Self Devine, Big K.R.I.T., P.O.S., Ghostface Killah & Raekwon (of the Wu-Tang Clan), Evidence and more.  SO.MUCH.AWESOME.MUSIC.

...until Lupe Fiasco was almost done...and they made an announcement about the weather.  Trevor and I had gone down to get food quickly before Atmosphere's set when they stopped the show to briefly update us on the weather.  We could see dark clouds but were just expecting rain.  

The announcement gave us a heads up to a severe weather warning involving very strong winds, rain and hail.  Briefly, the intention was that the show would go on, but it wasn't long before everyone was headed outta there and they were closing up shop.  Rhya was sitting with our stuff (including my phone) so we waited for her to come our way.  When she didn't we started going back to our spot to find her, but she wasn't there.  Then the sirens started.  I convinced Trevor Rhya was probably at the car so we sprinted...in rain and hail and tornado sirens...to the car.  We found Rhya huddled under our towels by the car, not realizing she had the keys to get inside.  Not the ending we wanted, we didn't even get to see Atmosphere's performance, but it was still an awesome day with some awesome people.  We'll definitely be going back next year!

As for the rest of our Memorial Day weekend, it was pretty quiet, just what we needed!  Thursday evening we went to Jamie and Adam's for dinner with them and the boys.  Friday night Trevor and I went to see Men in Black 3 in 3D (yes, it was good!).  Saturday and Monday were both lazy days with a little homework for Trevor and a walk for all of us.  Monday night I went to see The Lucky One (a bit disappointed with it) with Cassie.  Pretty great weekend, really!  Hard to believe a year ago this past weekend we were at a send-off ceremony just starting all this deployment stuff.  Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend, and remembered the reason for it, with your loved ones!


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