Friday, December 14, 2012

34 weeks

6 weeks to go! I looked at some of the early posts and "belly" photos and it's crazy how far we've come! Back at 5-8 weeks I felt SO bloated but looking at those photos now just makes me giggle.

I made major progress on baby's room this week. Like I've said, we had the dresser and crib set up a while ago, but we still had a disaster all over the floor and some reorganizing of the closet to do yet. We can finally see the floor completely! I can even vacuum! Haha. We're getting rid of the old, empty dresser this weekend then we should be able to truly finish everything.

Everyone's asking-honestly I'm feeling really good! I've been experimenting and finally found a pillow to put between my knees when I sleep (thanks, Brenna!). I've been getting up in the middle of the night to pee just once each night so no complaints there. I started using lanolin nipple ointment on my insanely chapped lips and after a couple days it's really helping which is awesome!

I've started putting a couple things in a bag that will be our hospital bag-I probably won't actually pack for a few weeks yet, don't really need much I guess.

Not sure what else to say! All is well, watching the weeks go by and I'm sure time will fly! I still get lots of comments about being small for 34 weeks, I'll take it :)

Oh-and everyone who warned us about pregnancy being like having a "give me advice I don't want" sign on my forehead was right. I don't know how many times a day (yes, daily) I/we hear advice we didn't ask for, judgements about decisions (yes, before our baby is even here), or people telling us what we'll want to do in certain situations. It gets interesting! Bottom line: we have very good communication with each other and lots of experience that will help in parenting, along with very open minds that we will do what's best for our family and take everything as it comes. We have ideas about how we'd like to do a lot of things but we're flexible and will adjust fire as needed. There, rant over :)

Doctor's appointment Monday then one more in two weeks til we start going weekly!


  1. Such a cute belly!! So, you're going to need to change the baby's diaper every once in a while. Don't get too concerned about it though, it's really a whenever you want sort of thing. I've heard babies like to eat sometimes, but that's really up to you, I'd probably start with cheeseburgers. It's always a great idea to spank the baby when she cries right away so she learns not to wake mommy and daddy up in the middle of the night (though, a few cheeseburgers may help with this as well, as you know really heavy food as early as possible will help them sleep through the night). It's also a great idea to sleep with baby until she is at least 13, you know, so she feels confident that mom and dad will be there for her always. That's all the awesome parenting advice I can think of at the moment, but I'll feel free to offer more as soon as I think of any as I'm sure you want it! ;)

    1. Thank God I have you! I think you need to move sooner. Without this comment, I probably would have skipped the cheese on the burgers :(


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