Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day.

Yesterday we had a blizzard warning, got a decent amount of snow (nothing compared to friends and family in Wisconsin!) and it was pretty windy.  Many schools in the area closed and so did my office.  Trevor is done with school until mid-January, so we enjoyed a snow day at home with Rowdy.  I've missed blogging on some fun stuff we've done lately (Trevor's sister's RN graduation and the Marti Party, for example), but snow days are fun, too.

We started the day with some carmel cinnamon rolls.  I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so these were more for Trevor.  I couldn't even get a photo before he was dishing them out.

Then we headed outside.  Trevor did the driveway and I played with Rowdy; he loves the snow.
Can you tell?
Trevor joined in the game of fetch after he finished the driveway.
After all that fun, we went inside to lay low for a while.  Rowdy was wiped out.
We went to the library to get some movies, then back home for some beer bread and beer cheese soup for lunch.
Then more lazy time.
Our friend Matt had planned to come hang out for the night and we were hoping the weather wouldn't screw up those plans.  Luckily, he still made it.  Not too shabby of a snow day!  Now I'm back to work for the day then off until Wednesday.  Have a very merry Christmas, everyone!


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