Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fun, Fun, Fun.

We had another busy weekend (I could probably say that every weekend, eh?).  JoEl works at my dad's office-her husband, Bill, and son, Drew, brew beer together.  They actually just made the front page of the Owatonna People's Press.  A while back Bill posted a photo to Facebook of brewing Hefeweizen, Trevor's favorite kind of beer, and I commented that we (or just Trevor right now) would surely help taste test if they needed help.  Once it was ready, Bill & JoEl invited us over for a tasting & karaoke night with my dad.  We went through a sampling flight of many of the beers they have made over the years, me just taking tiny little sips of course.  My favorite was their Oatmeal Stout; Trevor had a hard time picking just one.  Then it was karaoke time.  My dad started us off since he had done his homework.  Trevor and I both struggled with what songs to sing.  Here's a photo of my dad and me singing some Beach Boys.

My dad and Trevor each had pretty funny song choices, but you'll have to bug them to find out what they were.  We had a great time and, of course, thought of a few more songs we could have sung the next morning.

Saturday we headed to Le Sueur with my dad to visit some of my extended family.  My uncle was in MN from CA so it was a good excuse to get together with family we don't see much.  We had a delicious meal, looked at Christmas photos and Trevor saw a Blue Jay for the first time (crazy, right?).

Now we're watching episodes of Carrier before making a trip to Lowe's then to my dad's to watch the big Vikings/Packers game.  I've got a couple flashback posts in mind, things I want to document while I still remember it all, so this may be a busy week on the blog.  

Happy New Year!


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