Monday, November 12, 2012

29 weeks

No picture this week, but I've got quite a few updates.

Last Sunday was my first baby shower.  Everything went very well!  The next day we had a follow-up ultrasound and the first of my bi-weekly doctor visits including the glucose screen (to check for gestational diabetes).  Honestly, the whole day was a bit of a mess.  To start off, Rowdy ate some cocoa powder.  We got that situation under control then headed to Mankato for my 2:30 ultrasound appointment at the pathology center.  I had a 3:30 doctor's appointment with a 3:15 check in time (to drink my sugary drink for the glucose screen).  We didn't get seen at the ultrasound place until 3:40.  Trevor had class at 4:00 so he was barely able to see the scan and get to class on time.  I rushed over to the clinic, ran down to drink my sugar drink then realized I forgot my urine sample in the car.  (I have to bring a urine sample to every doctor's appointment.)  So, I ran out to the car quickly only to find out that the sample had spilled all over the cooler.  I went upstairs to check in at the OB desk and finally caught a break.  All that running behind and waiting would have been annoying enough, but knowing I had to sit for an hour after drinking that stuff so they could take my blood (it didn't taste nearly as bad as what I've heard, by the way) made it worse.  After all that appointment craziness, we rushed home, scarfed down some food and headed to our first night of baby class to learn about labor and delivery.  I've never thought I'd go through child birth without pain meds, but after hearing more about them I'm a tad overwhelmed with the options.  I've had an epidural/spinal block before with surgery so I'm familiar with side effects, just for different pain.  I've come to the conclusion that I'll see how it all goes and decide on pain management as needed.  Anyway, that's all the "bad" news.  The good news is baby girl still looks healthy at 2 lbs 12 oz, she's still a girl and the choroid plexus cysts on her brain have disappeared just as we were told they probably would.  My glucose screen went just fine so I seem to be in the clear for gestational diabetes.  Normal iron levels are 12-16 and in pregnancy it typically drops a little but they don't like to see it below an 11; I'm at a 10.5, so just barely anemic.  Baby is getting what she needs, but that leaves me a little short, so I started taking iron.  No big deal, just have to be sure to be proactive against constipation (side effect of iron supplements).   

I think that's all for this week!

Question of the week: What are your diaper bag must haves?  Diapers and wipes are an obvious, but what other things have you found very helpful to have in your diaper bag?  For example, someone suggested a clean shirt for mom, never thought of that, but what a good idea.

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