Sunday, November 4, 2012


This is a total slacker post, but I kid you not Trevor lives in front of the computer these days. So, I'm blogging from my phone.

Every year my work has a raffle as part of our fundraiser. We get local donations and some bigger statewide items, too. They're all great prizes so we usually but quite a few tickets and win a handful of prizes. Last year we won two tickets to a Guthrie Theater performance-one of the top prizes. We finally decided we should use them so we went to see Appomattox on Friday night. Trevor was agreeable to go, but not overly excited. The play was a comparison of sorts from 1865 and the Civil War to 1965 and the Civil Rights movement. We both enjoyed it, we're thoroughly entertained and even had some good laughs throughout. Trevor thanked me for talking him into going. It was fun to have a date night and do something different. On the way into the theater we talked about how much more complicated it'll be to do stuff like that in just a few short months!


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