Saturday, November 17, 2012


I'll admit it.  It's nice to be appreciated.  Last weekend we got a whole bunch of that.

Friday night was Military Night at the Minnesota Timberwolves game.  So, we got free tickets for us and some friends, met up with more friends on our way in, and ran into even more friends once we got there.  We had a good time at the game, Cory and Ashley even shared some cheese curds with me-bonus!  There were multiple announcements about it being Military Night, video of players thanking service members, even a giant Thank You card fans could sign.  We even got $1 off our Hardee's (don't judge) on the way up to the game with our Military IDs.

Saturday evening was a different kind of appreciation night for us.  Legacy Farms (the farm Trevor's dad and his partner run) had an appreciation dinner for everyone who helped with harvest this year.  Trevor helped every spare minute he could, but many of these guys helped even more than he did and they've been doing it for 20+ years.  I already know most of them, plus a few new faces, and it was a nice night to see everyone and be treated for all the hard work.  Is it strange to say we appreciated the appreciation dinner?

And, finally, Sunday was Veteran's Day.  We watched the Vikings game at my dad's house then went out to eat with Cory and Ashley at Applebee's.  Veterans get about 8 options off the menu they can get for free on Veteran's Day.  Good food with good friends!  Of course, we both got quite a few "thanks" for Trevor's service and his/our sacrifices throughout the day as well.  It's nice to hear, but sometimes I/we don't know how to respond.  Neither of us could really picture our lives any differently and just do what we need to do for our family, whether Trevor is home, at drill or on a deployment.  It's such a part of our life now and, like I've said before, we wouldn't change a thing.

Oh, I almost forgot, Trevor got a delicious free breakfast at Hy-Vee on Monday as their thank you to Veterans.  Like I said, it's nice to feel appreciated, so thanks for all the thanks!


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