Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby Shower #1.

One shower down and it was perfect!  Quite a few of those invited were able to make it which was such a good feeling.  Angie and Michelle did an awesome job planning it-they went with a Fall theme since I'm still getting used to the idea of shiny pink glittery things.  We had the shower at the Owatonna Armory that has wall and furniture colors from the 1970's which tied right in with the theme.

I loved reading what people wrote on this Wishes for Baby sheet!

   We ended up having to spread out the tables and add more chairs as people kept coming.

 We ate lots of good food then played a couple games (baby trivia and celebrity baby name game).  Stacey aced the celebrity baby names-I was clueless!

Meanwhile, Angie measured my belly and passed around some yarn.  Everyone had to cut off a section to guess how big around my belly is.

The two winners were Amy (also pregnant and similar in size, gotta use what you can!) and Brenna.

Brenna wasn't the only kiddo who came to join in the fun.  Orelia and Georgia had a blast playing with the balloons.  Roger, too!

I was overwhelmed with all the gifts for Baby Girl.  She's already spoiled and she's still months from arrival!  Many who came brought a baby book for her-it will be so fun to read the books with her and be able to read the messages from our loved ones, too.  Everyone was so kind with what they wrote-I told Trevor we'll have to make Baby Girl sit down and read those some day when she's mad at us for being the meanest parents in the world.

 Thank you so much to everyone who came - it really means a lot!  I could say this a million times...we are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives, and thankfully we'll be able to say the same for our daughter once she's here (80 days til due date, but who's counting?)!  And a big thank you to my two awesome hostesses!  The shower was amazing!


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